For many years it’s been a pretty standard that when you take a break at work it’s referred to as a tea break.

Why is this?

Because tea is such a popular drink I guess… It’s unusual for someone to not drink it so in somewhere with a large group like an office or workplace a high percentage will go off on their break and make a cup of tea.

This being the case I thought it was important to make sure that you are all getting the best from your precious tea breaks. The average morning break time is only 15 minutes, is that really long enough to properly enjoy it? Or should you just down your tea and get back to work?

Absolutely, it is long enough and it’s vital you enjoy it!

Follow these 5 steps below and create your perfect 15-minute escape.

  1. Always be sure to have the right tea in stock. This is first because it’s by far the most important. Us tea drinkers are fussy, we want the exact strength, temperature, the perfect amount of milk/sugar. What good is all of that if it’s the wrong tea!  A nice organic loose leaf tea will give you all the great flavour and miss out those nasty chemicals. So be sure that every Monday you’re stocked up with everything needed for that perfect cuppa.
  2. Switch off from work even before your tea is done. With a short tea break, making the tea is often half your time, but this is ok… boiling the kettle and making the tea is actually a really relaxing tradition for many. I have friends who now own the modern boiling taps in their house and they say they really miss boiling the kettle! So enjoy the routine but do be sure your work brain is switched off. Think of nice things, not the pile of work left on your desk.
  3. Don’t accept anything but perfect. When you look forward to that lovely hot tea there is nothing worse than ending up with a lukewarm stewed cup of yucky stuff. So don’t be afraid to chuck it out and start again! If someone else made it for you, discreetly may be advisable if you want to keep your friends! The perfect tea break simply can’t be accomplished with a bad cup of tea.
  4. Add some company. If you work in a group environment you no doubt have some close friends in your office… So make the most of it and plan your breaks together. For those who work alone but would like a chat, pick up the phone, in these days of text and Facebook messages a phone call can be a pleasant surprise.
  5. Choose the ideal snack for your tea. Now, this very much depends on the tea and the person eating the snack. It could be anything from a simple biscuit, a great gooey chocolate cake or even some lovely fruit to complement a nice Organic Mango Tango tea. I personally love a cake, not actually the gooey type but just plain old chocolate sponge, always with tea of course.

So there you have my 5 tips for the perfect tea break no matter how short it is. With the hectic, busy world we all live in a few minutes to switch off and relax is vital for everyone. Be sure you’re drinking the tea you really want and not just what’s in the office cupboard. Check out our lovely organic loose leaf tea range here. www.rikihanaorganics.com.au